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  •  Get the address of your Current Location along with ZIP Code
  • 100% Safe & Secure to Use
  • Address Cleansing & Enrichment
  • Perform a Manual Search to get the exact location
  • Locate a Corporate or Residential Street Address
  • Search for cities, and states to get a specific ZIP Code

How to get Current location Address or Zip Code of your location?

Step 1 - Open your browser, e.g., Google Chrome in your smartphone, or laptop and enter

Step 2 - After loading up, the website would prompt you to give permission to the website to "allow your location" for the device.

Step 3 - Wait for a few seconds while the algorithm would detect your location. Alternatively, you can also enter the address or the name of the location in the search box below.

Step 4 - Voila! The website would automatically display the correct ZIP Code of your current location. You can directly copy and paste the code into the registration website.

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Zip Code Lookup Tool

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